Players Choice – Tony Williams – “Finding Dakota Grey”

Tony Williams - "Finding Dakota Sky"
Tony Williams - "Finding Dakota Sky" Back

Download: Tony Willams – Finding Dakota Grey

G.O.O.D. Music’s own Tony Williams, whose voice you definitely have heard before if you’ve ever listened to Kanye West’s music or even Jay-Z’s “History” & “A Star is Born” tracks, just to name a few. The mixtape is mixed by DJ Aktive & features artists like GLC, Really Doe, Albe Back, Tada, & more! Oklahoma City stand up!

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Hello World! – Kanye West Feat. GLC & Consequence – “Spaceship” The Lost Video Directed By Kanye West

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First off, I’d just like to thank everyone for believing! There’s a lot of people saying where we could of been if this was released in 04. I no longer wanna deprive the people of their rights! You have the right to embrace my concept as well as those of Kanye, Consequence & Tony Williams as we gave you are all! This is a story of triumph over the ills of society & the workforce interfering with your pimpin’ & in this time of a recession this record may be more relevant now than it was in 2004! Thank for letting me grow with you! Love, Life & Loyalty coming soon! Hello World! Oh yeah my player is fixed too sorry about the prior non pimpish auto-play!

Hello World – Spaceship – The Lost Video – GLC Verse

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The year was 2004 & we were just some young dreamers! This is some exclusive footage from the lost Spaceship Video! There’s more to come! Stay tuned into! I truly love my believers because with out them there’s no fucking glory!