Send It Up – Lil’ Wayne Says He Is From The Streets & F The NBA & Miami Heat

Lil Wayne has a vendetta with the NBA & the Miami Heat. He ain’t playin & he claims to have manifested with Chris Bosh’s wife. He also says fuck LeBron & fuck She-Wade!

We In It – Cousin Bang x CamRon x Kanye West x GLC @ Harold’s Chicken Shack

Cousin Bang & I accompanied Kanye to Harold’s on 10 Tray in Chicago & ran into a minor mishap. In the process, Kanye yawned himself to safety as Bang & I dealt with the issues while being filmed by Coodi of Creative Control. We looked out for our guy.

Chi State Of Mind – Thomas Bruso Tells Why He Muhammad Ali’d Dude On The Bus

Thomas Bruso is the 67 year old dude who wupped the lil’ guy’s ass on the bus in Oakland! He is from Chicago & exercised his Chi State Of Mind as he put the “fu-flops” on dude! Hopefully this will teach people to respect their elders!

Click “Ass Kickin” to see what took place on that day!