Embrace The Concept – GLC, Larry Hoover Jr & Banks Speak Youth Salvation

Jeff Fort & Larry Hoover are amongst several political prisoners currently serving time in federal prisons. I believe the government‘s plan to eradicate violence in the streets of the Windy City may have had good intent but the result was the opposite. They assumed if you take the leaders of different street organizations off the streets then it would bring about reform! Instead it did the opposite! Without guidance & structure, these streets are @ rage!

Larry Hoover Jr expresses the current views of his father as well as himself as he expresses the need for change in our community. This is a discussion he, Banks & I had in reference to what we are facing & focusing on a solution to this issues that plagues our land! Chicago lets grow together & rise as a people!

If you’d like to aid & assist us in our righteous endeavors leave a comment or reach Larry Hoover Jr on his Facebook Page.

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