#ismCinema – The Wolf of Wall Street Official Trailer

Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese doesn’t miss a step with “The Wolf of Wall Street”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It reminded me of the classic, “Godfellas.” It tells the story of one’s rise, fall & eventually turning informant. Dope cinematography plus a dynamic script mixed with actors & actresses that delivered wins again. Embrace the concept & check this one out.

Players With Processes – Tony Clarke – The Entertainer

Tony CLarke compared his lady friend to an entertainer. Listen to the comparisons & embrace his concept as it runs deep! He was a cathedralfied player!
It is said his wife shot him after he beat her (women didn’t play back then) but some believe another man was in the house and shot him. His wife was brutally killed in Detroit a few years later. He had the looks, voice, and songs. He wrote songs for Etta James & David Ruffin. He did a lot for a short life. He was from Detroit, I often wonder how his career would´╗┐ have turned out if he went with Motown. To me he’s already great, The Entertainer alone is great. His cd displays his work greatly.