A Player’s Soul – The Four Tops – “Still Waters Run Deep”

The “Four Tops” snapped with this record about keeping their deep love for a young lady as their business! The more people you have in your business the easier it is for it to fold! They exercised that “Still Water” pimpin’ to the fullest! Chuuuuurch!

When We Was Tweakin’ – You Tony DeFranco Dancing Mutha Fucker

That Tony DeFranco is one funny dancing mutha fucker! I couldn’t believe it man! It was a counterfeit Jackson 5. I see why Joe Jackson was wuppin’ they ass like that. I also know that Tony DeFranco had a Process!

When We Was Tweakin’ – Rosey Grier – “It’s Alright To Cry”

If you are unable to get some Air Yeezy’s & you can’t honor the success of myself or anyone else that’s elevating their hustle this song by former NFL great Rosey Grier should make you feel better! Free To Be… You And Me- a children’s film from 1974. Rosey Grier sings “It’s Alright To Cry” It’s purpose is to let children (especially boys) to know that crying is normal and okay.