Love, Life & Loyalty – GLC Feat. Manfred Mann – The Light

This is my latest single off my new album, Love, Life & Loyalty! This record feels like a dream how it all came to be. Prior to the likes of the Ism, Bruce Springsteen never cleared a sample & I am honored! God is great as I was not only able to have Bruce clear the sample but also able to get Manfred Mann to sing on the record! Shout out to Dae Dae of the Trailblazer MPC, Hot Air, Travis Long, Russ, Ike Films, Marcus Gradney, Drew Sidora, Jamis, Ibn, Keezo, Geno, Bee Nguyen, Really Doe, Remedy, Kale, Versityle, Su Su, Nancy, Pascelle, Michael Kolar, the great cities of Chicago & Los Angeles for making this vision a reality!