Happy New Year From The GOOD Folks @ GLCityMusic – From The Album Of The Decade – “Spaceship”

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Last night we brought the 2K10 in with a blast Hawaii style! It was GOOD times for the family & great to be amongst loved ones! This was the first time I swung into the new year under Orion’s Belt & watching the moon shine bright as hell! 2K9 was a very GOOD year under the Sinatra act! I will continue to deliver that classic, quality GL ism for y’all in 2K10! As we head into the next decade I leave you with the record that touched so many & is 1 of my favorite songs of the decade & was also featured on the album of the decade! Thank you all for your Love, Life & Loyalty!

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I am the ism x the cathedral x the voice x the the way x the light. I believe God snapped with beautiful women.
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  1. damn, my day was crappy after Kobe slapped up the Kings, but this just made my life that much better!! GOOD MUSIC!!

  2. keep em coming my nig! 2010 year of the G!

  3. think of it like this mane, u murdered the best song on the album of the decade…church on the move!

  4. Happy new year !I love your blog ! Your verse is dope on this song (classic one ) , you 3 really make a great collaboration !

  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Thanx for believing & that’s a great way of lookin’ @ it! Church!

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