GLCityMusic – GLC – “Elevator Hustler” Video

Directed by yours truly with post by Ike Films! I dropped this record for anyone who has taken their hustle from the ground to the penthouse level or aspired to do so! This will also kickoff the release of my new mix-tape, “Respect My ComeUp!”

About GLCtheism

I am the ism x the cathedral x the voice x the the way x the light. I believe God snapped with beautiful women.
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  1. Hey!!
    In the Video you are wearing our shirt!!! We want to get touch base with you. Also can you let me know who your press contact is ?
    Let me know :)

    T.I.T.S. Brand | Two In The Shirt
    Office – 206.518.5899
    Fax – 866.354.8147

  2. Now that’s Growth & Development.

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  4. Nice work yo, I dig the song

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