Hoe Ass Shit! – I’m Fuckin’ Outraged @ ThIs Pussy Ass Officer Slaming This Old Black Woman To The Ground

Some of these bitch ass police need to be locked up in the same prison with the muthafuckaz they arrest! This is just down right dirty! I feel like NWA under the “Fuck The Police Act!”

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I am the ism x the cathedral x the voice x the the way x the light. I believe God snapped with beautiful women.
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  1. Fuck all racist cracker ass cops! Fuck them lame’s who stood there and watched as that elderly woman was strong armed! Free Ravaughn!! As I stroll down 55th embracing my people at the Bud Billiken!!

  2. Всем трудно…

  3. Nice but i think something is missing.

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