Our Future – GLC Listens To Crishinda Wade Sing @ Englewood High School

I recently visited Englewood High School in Chicago & it was truly a rewarding experience! I was in the presence of some extremely talented young men & women & they displayed their talents as I fellowshipped with them! Here is the beautiful Ms Crishinda Wade singing an original piece & she snapped! Salute to Leonard Williams & the Dime Child organization for their contributions to youth salvation!

Embrace my concept:
GLC – Love, Life & Loyalty

Come Fellowship – GLC’s Love, Life & Loyalty Event @ Soul Classics In Columbus, OH

GLC - Love, Life & Loyalty Listening Session @ Sole Classics

GLC - Love, Life & Loyalty Listening Session @ Sole Classics

I am honor to have my ism received in full by the state of Ohio! Columbus, here comes the Ism! Sole Classics has already manifested their freshness with this fresh ass flyer! Let’s get it Ohio! Players & ladies come fellowship & grab a copy of GLC – Love, Life & Loyalty!