Films That Raised Me – Menace II Society Theatrical Trailer

When I was a shorty I looked @ this movie like damn LA is a MF! As I became an adult & I look back on my life growing up in the streets of Chicago, it wasn’t much difference! It’s crazy how some things remain the same. We must grow & develop!

A Player’s Soul – Sam Cooke – “A Change Is Gonna Come”

This is the record that aids in the escape of this harsh reality that we call life! Sam Cooke expressed his troubles & in his life he triumphed over adversities! I honor this man & I feel him 100% on the line where he goes to his brother & says, “brother help me please!” In return his brother knocks him back down on his knees! You can rise above adversities with or without aid & assistance! Chuuuurch!

I Honor – Bun B Feat. T-Pain – “Trillionaire”

Bun B Feat T-Pain - Trillionaire

Bun B Feat T-Pain - Trillionaire

Bun B is a true icon! He has paved the way for many artist including myself to tell our side of the story! I honor this man whole heartedly & this is the 1st leak off of Trill O.G. due out Sept.3rd! I am also blessed to be apart of this project! Thanks for the Love, Life & Loyalty Legend!