I Honor – Bionic Jive- “Look At This House”

This my shit! Bionic Jive is one of my favorite groups & here they are performing “Look At This House” from the CD “Passion Over Politics”… Dedicated to Rhiana and Chris Brown along with Family’s victimized everywhere by Domestic Violence… for help and info…NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE…www.ndvh.org or 1-800-799-SAFE

True American G Shit – GLC, The Cool Kids & Some Elite Boss Players

GLC, The Cool Kids, Don Cannon, Rich Parry, Pimpin’ Wayne Hustle, Cave Man & Some Elite Boss Players indulge in some playerism over a meal @ R. Thomas in the A! I maxed some fish tacos & french toast why most of the other players maxed the wings!

Flight School – Michael Jordan’s son Marcus chooses … Central Florida?

Lil Jordan got that Horace Grant Style

Lil Jordan got that Horace Grant Style

All I can say to Lil’ Jordan is get it young player & a player is rooting for you! Apply your knowledge, wisdom & understanding & create your own legacy! A certain amount of pressure comes with being an athlete’s child. You’re supposed to be just as good as pops (or mom) was, or even better, and if you’re not, people wonder what went wrong. It’s a tough life. Then again, if you’re a former pro athlete’s child, you’re probably mind-blowingly wealthy, so the pity only goes so far.

Such is the case for Michael Jordan’s sons, Jeffrey and Marcus. It is utterly impossible that they’ll be as good as their father. Their father was the best basketball player of all time. They aren’t. Instead, they’re merely good: good enough to play in college, but not good enough to do much more than that.

It is with that context that the announcement of Marcus Jordan’s collegiate choice — the University of Central Florida — came Monday. Many might see Jordan’s name and wonder why he’s not going to a premier school. Strategically, it’s actually a pretty smart move. He was being recruited by a host of good programs, but nowhere truly “elite”. A strong year at UCF could set him up for a Seth Curry-esque transfer to one of the big boys that might not have considered him straight out of high school. There are options here.

Anyway, such is the nature of being Michael Jordan’s son. Marcus may never be as good as his father, but how many kids get college scholarships to play basketball? Not too shabby, when you really think about it.

Films That Raised Me – Bad Boys

Young Sean Penn ain’t take no shit as he exercised his G @ an early age following magnetic performances in Taps (1981) and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), young actor Sean Penn sealed his reputation as one of his generation’s most gifted performers with his gritty star turn in Bad Boys (1983), an entertaining tale of teen hoodlums in juvenile lock-up. Penn plays Mick O’Brien, a Chicago street tough who’s planning on ripping off drug dealer Paco Moreno (Esai Morales). When the scam goes bad and his partner Carl (Alan Ruck) is slain, Mick flees from the cops in his car and accidentally runs over Paco’s little brother, killing the boy. Sent to juvenile hall, Mick encounters a violent prison society run by the murderous trustees Viking (Clancy Brown) and Tweety (Robert Lee Rush). After Mick defends himself by savagely beating Viking, he becomes the facility’s new top dog. On the outside, however, Paco seeks revenge by raping Mick’s girlfriend J.C. (Ally Sheedy). Enraged, Mick escapes with the help of his brainy roommate Horowitz (Eric Gurry), but Mick is captured by compassionate guard Ramon (Reni Santoni). When Paco is arrested and unwisely sent to the same jail holding Mick, a showdown between the two old rivals is inevitable.