Pimp Dilemmas! – Kim The Pimp Won’t Let His Hoe Out On Jerry Springer

Kim is faced with the difficulties of the pimpin’ game! His hoe wants out & he don’t seem to be having it! I guess the game remains ugly for the stronghold pimpin’ technique! 1 should be respected out of honor as apposed to fear! Church!

Pimp Dilemmas – Tiger Woods Simply Lacks Proper Pimp Guidance

Life can be stressful for a billionaire non-playeristic golfer who denies his blackness! It is of the essence “Tiger”, therefor you should have been warned! Non-players should seek playeristic guidance before indulging in player activities! Put the pills down & focus more on your pimpin Tiger!

Pimp Dellimas! – 2 Non-Pimps Tryna Exercise Some Pimpin’ Dance Move Tactics

These two guys try to exercise some dance move pimpin’ to get the attention of the young lady! She may be in need of some rescue pimpin’! One of the non-pimps gets pushed into the pool as the other one does the fool!

GLCity Music – GLC – “Pimp Delimmas” Produced By Luis Cofre

GLC - "Pimp Delimmas" Produced By Luis Cofre

My man Luis Cofre hit me with this crazy “Cold Play” flip & I poured out the downside to this pimpin’. I say this to the youth don’t glorify these streets & but glorify this corporate American pimpin’! You can be a doctor, a lawyer, a business owner & much more! In the process of pimpin’ the system & making it work for you, you will encounter some pimp dilemmas! Church has spoken!

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