Chi State Of Mind – Thomas Bruso Tells Why He Muhammad Ali’d Dude On The Bus

Thomas Bruso is the 67 year old dude who wupped the lil’ guy’s ass on the bus in Oakland! He is from Chicago & exercised his Chi State Of Mind as he put the “fu-flops” on dude! Hopefully this will teach people to respect their elders!

Click “Ass Kickin” to see what took place on that day!

That’s A Hell Nawn! – GLC, Cave Man, Cannon & The Cool Kids Talk Pet Monkeys

I was in S Line Studios a few months back with Cave Man, Cannon & The Cool Kids & this guy Cave Man was a riot! He went on talking about pet monkeys in diapers & had us laughing like a mug! I criticized his antics on the Cool Kids & Don Cannon mix-tape, “Gone Fishing” & this is behind the scenes footage!

Respect My Come Up! – Pearl Fryar is the Real Edward Scissor Hands

Pearl Fryar began work on the 3 acre garden in 1984 in an effort to win “Yard of the Month” for his home on the outskirts of Bishopville, SC. The well-manicured, sculptural plant forms that comprise Fryar’s living vision of peace, love and goodwill often times began as salvaged seedlings from a local nursery.